What to wear when attending First Night Boston

Don’t let the cold winter keep you from ringing in the new year at First Night Boston 2017! All you have to do is dress the part. To help you out we put together a head-to-toe guide for a winter wardrobe that will keep you safe, warm and happy this New Year’s Eve.

Fun fact: According to holiday-weather.com, the average December to January temperature in Boston reaches 39 degrees during the day and drops to -4 degrees at night. Brrrr.

Lower body

Let’s start with the feet: The coldest part of the human body is the toes, so they will need the most coverage. You know that feeling when your toes get so cold that they start to get numb, and then throb…NOT fun.

What to wear:

  • Socks: One thick, warm pair of socks and one thin.
  • Boots: Warm and water resistant, the conditions may be slushy and wet.
  • Pants: 2 layers, thermal long johns (tuck them into your socks and boots) and pants of your choice on top.
Upper body

The best way to create an unforgettable fashion moment this New Year’s Eve is with an awesome winter jacket. Just make sure to layer, layer, layer! A jacket alone is NOT enough!

What to wear:

  • Layer 1: A thin, long-sleeved shirt that keeps your body heat in.
  • Layer 2: Sweater or fleece.
  • Layer 3: A heavy winter coat with a hood preferably.

Now, let’s complete the outfit. We all know of the glamorous fashion expectations that come with any New Year’s Eve celebration. Just because your plans involve standing outside for several hours in -4 degree conditions, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your fashion!

What to wear:

  • Get a great hat! According to livescience.com 40-45% of your body heat is lost from your head.
  • Scarves are not only a wonderful fashion accessory but they are also a great way to keep your face and neck warm. Maybe we will get lucky this year and have a warm New Year’s Eve? If that’s the case, scarves are easy to take on and off!
  • Great mittens with room for handwarmers!

Don’t miss out on any of the exciting activities happening during First Night! Be prepared and dress warm!

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